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 Family Dinner Night
Family Dinner Night is here to help with tasty tacos!
With everyone’s busy work-week, it can be tough sometimes to get the whole family around the dinner table (without their cell phones) for a home-cooked meal. Well, my friends, Family Dinner Night is the solution you’ve been looking for — and here are three reasons why:
1. We’ve sourced all the freshest, local ingredients
because we want to help you avoid those long lines at the grocery store.
2. We’ve made it available for dine-in or takeout
so you can spend quality-time with your loved ones, however you like.
3. We’ve perfectly prepared tacos for your enjoyment
because...well...because it’s tacos. (no explanation necessary!)
For just $39.99, you can start making Family Dinner Night an important part of your weekly routine. Simply head to blueplate and we’ll take care of the rest.
Available for dine-in or takeout!
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Taco Night Dinner includes:
Chicken and Cheese Tacos (10)
Fixings on the side include: Lettuce, Salsa, Sour Cream, Tomatoes
Mexican Rice
Crispy Torilla & Cheese Salad Cinnamon Churros (5)